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The information from this section is excerpted from the guide books, "India"  and
Vrindavana and Braja Mandala / A Practical Guide by John Howley. 

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Getting to Vrindavana

Air: The closest airport is in Delhi (150 km, 3˝ hrs.)

Train: There is no long-distance train station in Vrindavana. The closest major station is in Mathura, about 14 km away or a half-hour taxi ride. There is a passenger train between Mathura and Vrindavana.

Bus: Buses to Vrindavana or Mathura from Delhi depart from either the Interstate Bus Terminal near Kashmiri Gate in Old Delhi, or from the Ashram bus stop in the southeast part of Delhi. There are few direct buses from Delhi to Vrindavana. Most go to Mathura. If you take the Mathura bus, you get off at Chatikara Road and get a motor rickshaw to Vrindavana.

Taxi: Taking a taxi is the recommended way to reach Vrindavana from Delhi if you have a few people in your group or if you just want to be comfortable. This is the fastest way (about 3˝ hours).

At the airport you can go to the “Paid Taxi Stands” or make previous arrangements through the ISKCON, MVT Bhaktivedanta Ashram for a taxi to pick you up. From the airport to Vrindavana it should cost between Rs 1200 and Rs 1500.

Mathura to Vrindavana: The easiest transport to take between Mathura and Vrindavana is a taxi (25 min.) from the train station or a motor rickshaw (30 min.). Buses from Mathura to Vrindavana leave infrequently from the old bus stand. There is a train that leaves Mathura Junction in the morning and evening that goes to Vrindavana. Again, taxi or motor rickshaw are the best rides.

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