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The information from this section is excerpted from the guide books, "India" and
 Vrindavana and Braja Mandala / A Practical Guide by John Howley. 

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You have to be careful of the monkeys, because they will steal anything they can from you, if you give them a chance. They go especially for your eye glasses, bananas (small surprise), and other fruit. They can jump down from a roof and snatch your glasses off your face in one swipe. They also bite, especially small children who bother them. Monkeys won’t take any nonsense from them. Monkeys also sometimes carry rabies.

Most of the time monkeys are sneak thieves and will not steal from a formidable opponent. Keep your eyes open for them, and never let them get too close to you without looking at them. Give them a look and let them know that you are there. Never turn and run from them, as they are extremely fast. If they go for your bananas and challenge you, renounce the bananas. This is a life and death situation for them. They are willing to die for a banana.

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