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The information from this section is excerpted from the guide books, "India"  and
and Braja Mandala / A Practical Guide by John Howley. 

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Cultural and Social Behavior

Here are a few tips:

  • In India people use their right hand to eat, as well as to offer and take things from people. The left hand is considered unclean, as that hand is used for the toilet. It is considered impolite to give or accept something from someone with your left hand. It is considered unclean to serve food with your left hand or to put your left hand in your mouth.

  • Women do not generally shake hands with men. Also men and women should not touch each other in public, especially in holy places and temples.

  • To greet someone, it is good manners to put your palms together and say “Namaste” or “Hare Krishna”.

  • When you enter someone’s home you should take off your shoes.

  • After someone has begun eating, they should wash their hands before serving themselves or others more food.  You should not take a bite out of something and then hand it to someone else to eat, or eat off the same plate as someone. After eating, Indians wash their hands and mouth.

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