Radha Kunda

Glories of Radha Kunda     Appearance of Radha Kunda in the Material World
Lord Chaitanya Rediscovers Radha and Syama Kundas
Raghunatha dasa Goswami Excavates Radha and Syama Kundas
Bathing at the Kundas
     Goswami Temples at Radha Kunda
Ma Janava's Sitting Place     Raghunatha dasa Goswami's Samadhi
Krishna dasa Kaviraja's Bhajan Kutira     Panca Pandava Ghat
Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur's Bhajan Kutira      The Sangam
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Sitting Place    Giriraja Maharaja Mandir and Caran Cinha

The Sangam (Meeting Place)

This is meeting place (sangam) of the two sacred kundas where the divine lovers Radha and Krishna, in their liquid forms, embrace one another eternally, without fear of ever being separated.

The meeting place of the two kundas is also known as Ratna-vedi, which means jeweled altar. On the spiritual plane this Ratna-vedi appears as a gem studied bridge across the sangam. As Radha-kunda is considered the most sacred of all sacred places, this spot known as Ratna-vedi is considered the epitome of all sacredness, and is therefore also called the Radha-kunda Yogapitha.

The bathing ghatas on both sides of Ratna-vedi are known as the Yugala-sangam-ghata. If one looks closely one can see small slits in the stone steps below Carana-cinha that allows the waters of the two sacred kundas to mix together. This is also one of the most popular places for pilgrims to take bath, by first dipping in Radha-kunda, then Syama-kunda and then in Radha-kunda again.

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