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Gopisvara Mahadeva Temple

This temple, dedicated to Lord Siva, is very important, as Lord Siva not only protects the holy dhama, but also guards the rasa-mandala. The Siva Linga is 5,000 years old and was originally installed by Lord Krishna's grandson, Vajranaba.

Once, during a performance of the rasa-lila, Lord Siva came to see the wonderful dancing of Lord Krishna and the gopis, but when he tried to enter the rasa-mandala, he was stopped by Lalita and Visakha Sakhis, who informed him that as he was a male, he could not enter. Lalita then told Lord Siva to first bathe in the Radharani Manasarovar lake. Lord Siva then went and took bath at this lake and immediately turned into the form of a gopi. He then returned to the rasa-mandala where Lord Krishna welcomed him and gave him the name Gopisvara. Lord Krishna also gave Siva the boon that without Lord Siva's permission, no one could enter into the rasa-mandala.

SummeróDarsana 5 am-12 pm and 4 pm-9 pm
WinteróDarsana 6 am-12 pm and 4 pm-9 pm


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