Govardhana Hill

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Kusuma Sarovara

Set against a backdrop of exotic palatial buildings, the calm and tranquil lake known as Kusuma-sarovara is one of the most fascinating sights in the whole of Vraja. 

This breathtakingly beautiful monument, an architectural wonder in sandstone, is dedicated to the transcendental loving pastimes of Sri-Sri Radha and Krishna that were enacted here on the banks of this lake.

This enchanting lake, Kusuma-sarovara, has been here since ancient times and is also known as Sumanah-sarovara. According to the Brahma-vaivarta Purana, the great sage Astavakra Muni did penance on its banks whilst waiting for the appearance on earth of Radha and Krishna. It is said that whilst having Their sacred darsana, Astavakra Muni gave up his mortal coil. On the western bank of the lake, a small shrine dedicated to Lord Siva is believed to be the actual place where Astavakra entered into samadhi.


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